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A trip to the Museum! - Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and the Tang Court

Two weeks ago, I visited the Asian Civilisations Museum for a special exhibition called "Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda: Treasures from Famen Temple and the Tang Court"!! Thank you Mapwerkz for the complimentary tickets! :) Sorry we couldnt make it for the dinner session, maybe next time!! Anyways, in case you are wondering.. this is not an advertisement. hahaha.. just my date and I at the museum. :D

soooooo.. this is us!! :D
 Previously, in one of my posts about La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel, I mentioned that I will be showing one of the pics of me when after I apply the gel on my face. And this is how I look like! looks pretty good! Makes my skin looks radiant! I had the La Roche-Posay UVIDEA XL BB Cream on too! I am quite liking the final look, but as I have mentioned, its pretty costly... $$..

Back to the Asian Civilisation Museum! We arrived at 3pm! and I exchanged a electronic ticket for entry, and I didnt know that Elgena was actually waiting for meee.. sorryy!! She actually have the original ticket for me and due to some miscommunication I didnt meet the other people in the group and went straight in!! sorry so paiseh..

Super blurry, but according to Shane, he is a master at photography. (-.-) lol.........

 These figures below actually reminds me of MUSHU from Mulan. hahaha. After I took the pictur I actually thought it looks quite scary looking..

 FILIAL PIETY. I really think this is a very important virtue everyone must have.......

One of the exhibits that I really liked...
The Twelve animals of the Zodiac!

 And here it is.. the Golden Turtle. Its actually a turtle shaped container.
Before we entered the exhibition, Shane and I made a deal - that whoever first sees the golden turtle wins (with no prizes. LOL.) yeah I lost. I saw it 1 second later than Shane. Damn it. anw, the artifacts of the exhibition are really exquisite and pretty...

 Theres also an arts and craft booth and you can build a face thats considered pretty in the ancient times..
 The exhibition is actually pretty huge almost the entire second floor of the museum.. when we finished walking and walked out, then I realised that Elgena was actually waiting for me!! once again I am sooo sorryyyy (blush). Anyway, I have not been to a Singapore museum for like the longest time.. probably ever since I graduate from primary school... so this is a good experience for me.. though to be honest, I dont really know how to look at the items in the artistic manner.. Shane basically loves China-related history and stuff like that.. hahha.


And a picture of me outside the Asian Civilisation Museum with my ootd! recently have been starting to wear jeans alot. hahaha. jeans fashion. LOL. My jeans are from Mango, and Bag from HVV. My wedges are from Mango too.. (cant see in the pic below though zzz.) anw, just realised the Asian Civilisation Museum is just opposite the Fullerton Hotel, near boat quay.

If you are interested in the exhibition, it is still open now!
Date of the Secrets of the Fallen Pagoda exhibition is 17 Jan 2014 - 4 May 2014
Entrance Fees
Singaporean/PR Adult: SGD 7
Non-Singaporean Adult: SGD 11
(you can get the tickets at Sistic! heres the link for your convenience. :D)

Here we are again Bangkok! - Day 4 (4-Face Buddha/ Misc)

Its like lunchtime now, and I am in quite a chirpy mood today for I dont know what reason so maybe I shall quickly finish up this back-dated postttt. Maybe because I am only left with 1 more paper this semester! The other 2 papers were quite alright, do-able, considering the fact that I started my cramping of info into my brains within 2 days before exam.. hahahha...

Anyway, in case you are interested in my bangkok trip like in February - here it is DAY 1DAY 2DAY 3 .
So Day 4 started with us finally going to the Four-Face Buddha Shrine located near the Chit Lom BTS. its just infront of the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Its at a cross road, and there are alot of people, and theres this smoky feel to the place cause of the incense, very easy to spot!

 There are girls dancing traditional dance at the shrine. You can buy the 4-face buddha a dance as a form of offering.. There are also incense and flowers which you can buy there too for about 300 baht, depending on the kind of design of the flower garlands etc..

So you are supposed to go to all four sides of the 4-face buddha to offer the incense.

A Donation Box
 The exterior of the shrine
 Well we have been wanting to go to this place for like the longest time, but always missed it cause it was raining or sth, and we kept postponing it. so now we finally came here. haha. I didnt buy any incense though.. But instead, there were alot of people selling birds in cages. and you can purchase their freedom like literally.

 So I bought one cage for about 300-400 baht? around there.  
 Looking super tanned from the day before when we went to the tiger temple. zzzzzzz..

 Anyway the main reason I bought the cages is because I thought the birds look damn poor thing. birds deserve to be flying in the air. but sadly they are caught and people actually sell them for people to release. its like a vicious cycle. even if they are released, if they dont fly far enough, they might get caught again...........

despite all those stuff I just said, I still bought one cage..

Next, we were sooooooooooooooooo hungry because the first thing we did was to go to the four-face buddha shrine, and we havent had breakfast. It was already lunchtime. haha. we decided to have our lunch at MK restaurant. it is like a must go when you go to thailand?? their roasted meats are reallyyyy goood.. shane really love them and PLUS i love steamboat, so its like killing 2 birds with one stone!

Basically there are MK restaurants almost everywhere. very easy to find. and they are usually in shopping malls too! if not you can ask your hotel concierge to direct you to the nearest outlet!

I love their charsiewwwwwww! not a fan of roasted meat, so just gobbled down the char siew. VERY YUMMY!
 and not forgetting our steamboat!!
 you can order ala carte or a set. We chose the vegetable set (regretted, cause we are both basically carnivores. LOL. not much of a vege eater. I was only aiming for the straw mushroom and the chinese cabbage. which you can actually order ala carte.. damnn. haha.)

anw, while you are eating. I do not know if its every hour or a certain timing or sth. the staff will suddenly start dancing in the middle of nowhere. I bet such things will never be seen in Singapore cause every one will be so paiseh to do such things. but its such a norm there. and all the staff and waitresses were doing their actions and dance steps so confidently and well!!! hahaha.
 Yeah I dont know what we are doing. but you can also see from here how tanned we got....... damn it. tskkkkkk.

After lunch, we were walking around looking for a nail parlor to do our nails. haha. yes OUR nails. shane likes to have pedicures. lollllll... anw we managed to find one which looks pretty decent in SIAM SQUARE. I remembered that there are quite a number of nail parlors there. the last time we came we went to one but the male therapist kinda accidentally cut my cuticles too deeply and it bleed, and its sooo painful.

This time we picked the NAIL LIBRARY. we couldnt find the one we went to previously anyway. haha. and as the name suggest, it looks like a library! the interior made it like those really nice big old fashioned library. haha. we get to watch TV too! they play all kinds of DVD for the customers which is damn niceeee.. comfy to the max.

the service was pretty alright! the therapists are quiet and dont really do small talk with you. which is what I like cause I dont really like talking. but on the other hand, shane was bored cause he likes to make small talk lolol.... anw poor shane, this time its his turn - his therapist cut his toe nails abit too deep and it bled. hahahhahahha. sorry I found it funny. haha.

anyway day 4 is basically just a relaxing day for us. practically doing nothing much, just walking around chilling.. the next morning, we woke up early to take a flight back to Singapore. we didnt want to take the night flight cause we have work tomorrow and it will be better if we arrived in SG in the afternoon, at least the weekend is still not totally over yetttttt.. haha.

byebye BKK.. we will be back very soonnnn :D
 As usual, I am in love with aircraft food, and hence TADA~~~
 I made sure I charged my laptop before hand and I managed to catch a few episodes of HIMYM on the plane! HAHA. I practically chionged 9 seasons in like 3 weeks?? hahha. speaking of HIMYM, I am soooooo disappointed with the finale!??!! 

wth, why does barney have to have a random baby girl at the end, and they didnt even show the mum, so did barney get together with the girl or do they lead separate lives and he has custody of the kid? I WAS JUST SO UNHAPPY ABOUT THE DIVORCE BETWEEN BARNEY AND ROBIN! they should totally be together. and ted telling the whole load of crap story about how he met the mother of his child (and I grew really fond of the mother, she is so cute omg.) and I can totally live with her death, BUT TO GO BACK TO ROBIN?? SERIOUSLYYYYYYY? enough already TED! >:( angry.

Anway, this concludes my 5d4n bkk trippp this year! :D

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Friday, 11 April 2014

(ADV) La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel

The second product I received is the La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel
La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel is a superior daily sun protection in a fresh water-break concentrated gel texture, for a long-lasting pure skin sensation and prevents hyperpigmentation, complexion greying & UV aging. Protect Against UVA for 18 Times longer. andddd its tested on Asian sensitive skin too! 

 So how do you use this Aqua fresh gel??
You can use it every single day, all year-round. Apply every morning at the end of the skincare routine, as a make-up base. Easy application: instant absorption for immediate fresh, nude skin sensation.

Long range UVA rays account for more than 75% of UVA rays. They reach the heart of dermis all-year
long, even in cloudy weather, in the city or through windows, and trigger global damage to the skin
quality. With new filter Uvinul A+, the La Roche-Posay Uvidea Aqua Fresh Gel offers superior
protection on the whole UVA spectrum including long UVA, in a water-concentrated gel texture that
is suitable for normal to oily skin types.

I decided to try it on the back on my hands first.. squeezed a small bit onto the back of my palm and spread it out evenly.

 This is the final result....

I am not sure if you can see this, but the area where I applied this UVIDEA Aqua Fresh gel became abit shiny. To me, I think it is too oily for my liking.. In my opinion, though the gel is pretty easy to spread, and possibly quite moisturizing, I did not quite like the oily finish that it gives. It will probably make my face look more shiny...

But then again, this gel could be used as a make up base! I tried to use this Aqua Fresh Gel and the BB Cream after, and it actually blends pretty well! Though it is quite oily to me initially (maybe its psychological), after I dap my whole face with tissue paper, I was pretty happy with the results it gave... :) -- (I went to the Asian Civilisation Museum with this make up.. I will post some pictures of the trip up soonnnn!)

So I concluded that, I would only use this if I am using another product, like BB cream or sth, and I probably will not use this alone, if not my face will definitely look very oily. Also, This costs S$38.90 for a 30ml bottle, I think its pretty costly too, so I doubt I will buy this again if I finished using it.

Last but not least....

-DO 'LIKE' La Roche-Posay Sg Facebook page: 
- Anddd redeem a free La Roche-Posay UVIDEA Aqua Fresh Gel sample on at this link:

La Roche-Posay Uvidea Aqua Fresh Gel SPF 30 PA++++ (30ml) is priced at S$38.90 and is available at leading pharmacies including Watsons, Guardian, Unity and selected hospital pharmacies!


sorry guyssssssss I know I sound less excited than I usually am.. thats because I am soooo sleepy right now. This coming week is my exam week and I have not been very discipline in my studying routineeeeeee. KILL ME NOWWWWWW guess what I have been doing?? WATCHING RUNNING MAN!!!!! can you believe it. yes I cannot believe myself.. what am I doingggggggg............................ okay getting abit cranky now, maybe I shld have an early night and wake up early tomorrow to get down to studdddyyy.. :( exam sucks.

Sorry guysss I have got so many back dated posts (bkk day 3, yamsup restaurant, asian civilisation museum, my thoughts on running man, scams, HVV moodbox etc etc etc..) Not enough time, not enough energyyy. I PROMISE I WILL BE BACK SOON.. please wait for meeeeeeeeeeee (pretending theres a fan club..)
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