Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Liverpool craze at Uncabunca!

Last Sunday, Shane dragged me to a bar at circular road at 7pm so that I could accompany him in watching his favorite soccer, and that day it was the match between Liverpool (his one and only love..) and Norwich. Its one of those rare occasions where he managed to convince me in watching the match with him in exchange for fetching me from my home to clarke quay to collect my macarons (which I will be talking about later), and also to eat kin kin ban mian (like finally......)...

In any case, the bar is FILLED to the brim with people... 99% are Liverpool fans! everywhere theres liverpool flags, jerseys pictures, banners! I think the bar owner is a liverpool fan too!!! anyway the atmosphere there was really high!!

Before I go on.. the bar's name is...

Boat Quay, 47/48 Circular Road
Mon - Sun: 11am - 2am
Tel: 64382282

I dont have a picture of the exterior of the bar, but since I am most probably going back there again this weekend, I might just snap a picture and post it here. Its beside the UOB Plaza, not facing the river, beside TCC and Macs!

Anw, I am not a soccer fan, and usually I just think its pretty boringggggg to watch any match. But shane really loves soccer and of course, as I have mentioned before he's a liverpool fan, hence this bar is like specially created for him.. before the match starts, everyone, with a beer in their hand, were just cheering some liverpool cheer, and singing the Liverpool "anthem" (yes they even have an anthem!). it was soooo loud inside I cannot hear myself.

Shane managed to get a pretty good seat with the help of his friend (actually every seat in there is quite good, there are screens and tvs like everywhere, so everyone confirm can see the match somehow.). Before the match starts.. a very random selfie of myself. hahahhahahhahahahha..

And then the match started. the final score was 3 v 2, with Liverpool the winner of the match. so can you imagine how the crowd was roaring and screaming and singing!! the atmosphere was so high that even I, not a soccer fan, got excited somehow, and like damn nervous when the other team scored....

Shane super engrossed in the match.
and you can see the guy in the background cheering with his hands in the air.

We took the below picture and the first picture during half time. there were more ppl, but they have went out for a smoke break or breather or sth. and everyone is clad in liverpool jerseys (mostly in red), we look pretty out of place there. so I would think if I am going back there again, better wear red at least. LOL.

anddd caught this picture when the final whistle blew and the match is over, and liverpool is announced as winner of the match. see how excited everyone is.. it would have been picture perfect if the guy didnt hold the liverpool banner upside down LOLLL... and the pair of waving hands infront arent there (but then again it shows how excited they are..?)

This sunday its Liverpool vs Chelsea...
I suggest all the Liverpool fans to go to Uncabunca to enjoy the atmosphere!!!! #YNWA

Monday, 21 April 2014

Daffy's Surprise Party (year 2014)

Last Friday, on good friday, I finally got to meet up with some of my batchies whom I havent seen for a really long timeeeeee! Our purpose of gathering is because daphne's bf decide to throw daffy a birthday surprise! he had organised with denise (ah ma) a few weeks before and ah ma had gathered those who can make it to go for it! most of my batchies are still flying so most couldnt make it... actually I had my final paper the next day (rememberrr?? Changing econs of asia. lol) and I usually cramp my memorising period right before the paper which means the night before.. BUT I still went! because its daffy, sisterzzz ya know~ daffy you better be touched okay, I came despite having exams the next day! LOLOLOL.. (demanding gratefulness from ppl.. thick skin.)

So, that day only Berrie, Abby and I could make it. the other friends of daffy couldnt make it last min.. so its just three of us and daffy and her bf nicholas (who was awesome enough to buy us dinner too. hehehe.)

We arrived at 5.50pm at Timbre Substation. it was quite a walk from dhoby ghaut. LOL. and the weather was humid cause it just rained. daffy and bf was supposed to reach timbre at 6. So three of us settled in looking at the drinks menu etc... hahah. 

While waitinggg...
 Berrie refused to take pictures because shes not too happy with her hair. but I really thought it was cute!! like those young korean girls hairdo, natural and cute. 

and... the star of the day arrived. and was of course surprised by our presence. look at her happy face. LOL. her bf had tricked her saying they are here for some friend's bday, but its actually daffy's bday. hahahha.
 we chipped in and got her a mikimoto pen!! :) we wanted to look at the pen but it was all wrapped up and we didnt want to  destroy the bag, so we waited for her to open the gift herself.
 Look at our daffy so happy.. :DDDDDDD
 A picture of the batchies. LOL.

Daffy and Nicholas
 Our dinnerrrr...
I love the chicken wings and the truffle fries!!
 Abby and I ordered mocktail "Cinderella", because you know we cannot reach home after 12am. LOL. just kidding. cause it sounded refreshing. pineapple juice with lime juice.. and orange juice?? I cant remember. its 3 juices. hahaha.
 Berrie's Virgin Sakura
 PIZZA!! 4 flavors (1/2 pizza per flavor).
I only remember the Quattro Formaggi Pizza and roast duck pizza..
and I honestly only like the quattro formaggi pizza.. cheesyyyyyy. hehe.
 Daffy and Nicholas' drinks..
 We had a really good time catching up and all, and I stayed 1 hour past the time I am supposed to be leaving! hahaha. good times past too quickly!!! Nicholas bought a cake online for Daffy, and its pretty tasty. its not jelat, very light and cheesy and nice!

 First a picture of Daffy and Nicholas

Next.. the batchiessssss... xoxoxoxoxo

Happy birthday daffy baby!! :D I wish you a lifetime of happiness! :) I should visit your mama soon.......... really had a good time that day.. we should really meet up more often... hahaha... 

Saturday, 19 April 2014

end of my last paper this semester!!!! :D

(blogged from phone) finally it's the end of this semester!! had my last paper changing economies of Asia today! and spent 3 hours writing non-stop.. some stuff are not even sensible but just you know try to make it sound abit logical lolol...

anyhow!! I really dislike early morning exams!! I always have the habit of studying right before the actual paper (because usually my paper is 7pm in the evening), so I have ample from time from morning to slowly memorize and all... BUT THENNN if my paper is at 9.30am I usually just forsake my beloved sleep and try to memorize overnight (which is often not so successful cause I keep dozing off. and it's really damn torturous.. and my dad keep wanting to off my lights when I doze off will make me sleep even more!!! so my temper during the entire night before my paper will become sooo bad.. (I really didn't mean to!! :( ) and most of the time end up yelling at my family if they ask me to go to bed, or switch off the lights for me.. oops. sorry dad..

anw.. I have been keeping my brows, letting it grow so I can go shape them and make them like Korean style straight brows. I wanted to do it after my paper and initially decided to go to browhaus to do it. but I was thinking browhaus will prolly be so packed!! so I ended up threading those caterpillars into a nice neat earthworm (you get what I mean right?? lol less fuzzyyy..) hahaha.

here's a not too big picture (so not so scary lol) of my face with my new threaded brows. how's my brows? nice anot? couldn't make the straight brows I wanted cause the Indian lady in rupinees told me my brows are shaped in a more curved way and would fit me and be more natural.. haha. in any case I feel much cleaner now.. like my face is not too messy and full of extra hairs (annoying and fugly..) :D

and yah.. dark eye rings damn baddd. sleep depriveddd.. anw another reason why I kept my brows cause I believed that it contains the knowledge That I have studied and could aid me in my exam. if I plucked them off before, it's like plucking out my knowledge.... lol (self-dramatizing)

sooo today after my paper, I met up with sofei!! like finally!! she's so sweet she brought me some souvenirs from Japan and it includes the shiroi kobito biscuits that I wanted!!! we had manna story at PS for lunch..

the serving was damn hugeeee. anyway I didn't like the side dishes. it's horrid. I went to manna story in jcube before and I think the food there (including side dishes) tastes so much better!! there's more choices in jcube! 

moving on.. we caught a movie "the other woman" cause we didn't know what to do hahaha.. it was a pretty comical show. had a good laugh and not much thinking required, good for my dying brains after the whole week of exams.. (technically only 3 days lol) went for swensons ice cream after the movie and then home sweet home..


oh right, and tmr's Easter Day! happy Easter everyone! have lots of chocolate eggs! :)
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