Monday, 4 August 2014

Hee Kee Desserts!

Recently, I was invited for a food tasting session at Hee Kee Desserts. 
I got quite excited by the thought of desserts as I loveeeee sweet stuff...

We were treated to the 6 most popular desserts in Hee Kee!!
The desserts are actually Hong Kong Style.

I shall rank the 6 desserts I tried that day and start by telling you my FAVOURITEEEEEE dessert that was served. :)
1) Mango Cheong Fun
(SGD 3.30 per piece)

I LOVEEEEEEEEEE this dish. I know it sounds abit weird, mango and cheong fan - doesnt sound like they match, but it really does. This is a chilled dish. The outer cheong fan layer is very soft and silky, and the mango inside is HUGE, and best of all very very sweet. I love sweet mango! sour mangoes always make me cringe (actually anything sour makes me cringe.) 
I love this dish so much that I am actually drooling now looking at the picture wtf.
Next.. 2) Whole Coconut with Coconut Ice Cream & Peanut Crush (SGD 8.80)
This dessert comes with a cup of coconut drink too!

I know the desserts are supposed to be Hong Kong Style. But this dessert totally reminded me of Bangkok! hahaha. I ate something similar in Chatuchak. and it was undoubtedly delicious!!! This dessert is served in coconut! The coconut icecream is very flavorful and refreshing, and it is not jelat at all (at least to me!). PLUS the crushed peanuts gave this dessert an extra crunch.. I like this dessert alot also because the portion is huge! (eventhough it may seem a little costly at SGD 8.80, its definitely wu-hua, meaning money well-spent.) IT IS JUST TOO GOOD TO BE MISSED.
Please try this dish if you go HEEKEE!!!
3) Durian Pancake
From SGD 3.30

Its almost like a HongKong Singapore fusion! Plus its the durian season recently, and this dessert come just at the right time. What is wrapped inside the coconut infused skin is real durian flesh (+ whip cream)!!! 很好吃!!!!!!!! I am not an extreme durian fan, but I really thought this was pretty good. The durian lovers around me were of course raving about this dish.. It was a tad bit difficult to eat though to be honest.. hahhaa. But whatever, it taste good, just eat it!! :P
4) D24 Durian Sauce with Sago
(SGD 5.80)

Personally I quite like this durian dish too!! This dish is made up of smooth and creamy durian sauce, topped with durian flesh and a huge amount of sago! However I was asking around, but turns out the real durian lovers seem to prefer the Durian Pancake (see above)!! but I like this dish too!! Its very tasty, and easy to swallow, (I like soupy watery stuff, like honeydew sago you see..). THE DURIAN FLESH IS DAMN GOOD PLEASEEEEEEEE. I thought they can actually give more durian flesh. teeheehee.. But overall, Good! CAN TRY!
So, the first dish that was presented to us was the 
5) Traditional Steamed Milk Pudding!
Each bowl cost SGD 3.50.

This dish is available hot and chilled. Personally, I am not a milk fan, I dont even drink milk, so I do not really fancy this particular dish to be honest. I took a couple of mouthfuls, and indeed the pudding is extremely rich with milk. However, I strongly believe, people who love milk will love this dish (The other food tasters have really good reviews about this..)!!
6) Homemade Beancurd with Gula Melaka
Each bowl costs SGD 3.30

To be honest, I was quite disappointed with this dessert, as I personally thought the beancurd has a rather beany and bitter taste, and the gula melaka is not sweet enough. but then again, the Gula Melaka is actually home-made, so it is supposed to have its own unique taste I believe.... I probably will not take this dessert again.. But I guess everyone has different preference, one man's meat is another man's poison..
(zzz. damn fat but still keep eating.. lol...)

Hee Kee Desserts
JP 2, Jurong Point, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #03-54/55. 
Tel: 6795 0765
Facebook URL:
Hashtags (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter): #heekeedesserts

Instagram Contest
Hee Kee will be having their own Instagram contest until 19 August as well, with now up to $100 worth of vouchers to be won! All participants have to do is follow Hee Kee Desserts (@heekeedesserts) on Instagram, snap a picture, Instagram their dessert, tell us what’s so great about it and hashtag #heekeedesserts. Winners will be selected at random.

Promo Code: Joei
Just quote my promo code "Joei" and get a 10% off all desserts!! :)
from now till 19th August 2014.

I am definitely going back to Heekee probably this week for my dessert fix!! Have been craving and thinking about these desserts for awhile... Especially Mango Cheong Fan, Whole Coconut with Coconut Ice Cream & Peanut Crush and Durian Pancake.. Teehehehee.. Their menu have more desserts that I have yet to try too!! cant wait to go back there!!! Gonna drag Shane there for sure. hahaha.

On a random note, school has finally ended! only left with exams next week. I have been looking forward to this day for like 5 years already. I can totally cry now. LOL... 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

2D1N Malacca Trip with Terri (like finally)

This is going to be another picture heavy post! So last month, Terri and I finally embarked on our short trip together! It has been a long time since I traveled with her! haha. and we decided to go for just a short trip first since we have limited no. of leaves and of course its rather cheap (All in per pax = SGD 115!)

We booked a free and easy package from Lapan Lapan. I actually saw some Malacca promos on Groupon, but before I purchased I decided to call them first just to make sure there are seats and rooms available. Turns out it is a good decision to call them first as they offered us another package that is not available in Groupon - Includes to-and-fro bus ride and hotel stay at Equitorial Hotel. The other packages are specially for Mothers and families since it was a Mother's Day weekend.

Our bus ride was very comfortable. The seats are huge and we have ample of space to put our luggage on the floor too!! Terri was like snoozing 3/4 of the time. lol.

 Anw the journey there took quite awhile. The bus left the pick up point in Singapore at 8.30am. (Pick up was opposite city sq mall at farrer park mrt, very convenient. we even had macs breakfast before boarding the bus!! :D) We only reached near our hotel at about 2pm? The bus went to a few other hotels to drop them off first and our hotel was the last stop. There was a massive jam and traffic was slow, so Terri and I dropped off at Hatten Hotel and walked to our hotel instead. LOL.

But then, our rooms are still not available!!! so we decide to go have something to eat! we are all starvinggggg... 

 1) A&W
The A&W is just in the shopping mall beside our hotel. But we had a hard time locating it. It looks pretty new and renovated. In fact the whole shopping mall looks new and renovated.

 We had the chicken jumbo hotdog set.
Comes with rootbeer, and curly fries!
(But do remember to let them know you want curly fries! Initially we thought that it is automatically curly fries, and the person at the counter didnt ask us as well... they then gave us the normal fries which we didnt want. but in the end we managed to get the curly fries after Terri clarified with them that we werent given an option initially!!!)
Also, the sauce and topping on top of the hotdog bun looks very.. unappetising.. hence we covered it up. oops.

After that we headed back to the hotel for Check in!

 Very comfortable hotel! even with balcony, which we didnt use! hahaha.
After researching a little more about where we want to go in Malacca (free wifi!), we decided to quickly head out to have the chicken rice balls before they close as we heard that it closes pretty early.
We took a cab there at a fixed rate of RM 25 (which is like only 10 mins ride??) 

2) Chicken Rice Balls at He Ji
This shop is at Jonker Walking Street!
This is aparrently not the famous chicken rice stall. But the legendary one was already closed by the time we get there! We tried to rush there, reached there at around 4pm but its already closed!!! :(
So we decided to just go with He Ji, which is still opened! It is just a few doors down the original chicken rice balls shop.

 The 2 person set comes with 5 rice balls, 2 plates of rice, and a whole plate of chicken. We only ordered chicken breast because we dont like other parts. lol. good thing about travelling with someone with similar taste!! LOL. 
Our Verdict: The rice balls are ok, sticky and quite fragrant, and the chicken was quite bad. It is too tough and chewy for our liking, and we thought the ones we have in Singapore are much better and softer. We had to chew on the chicken for at least 2 minutes before we can swallow. lol.

And of course we have to take a picture! :D
We were saying that sometimes it can get quite annoying when you ask someone to help you take a picture. I mean they are nice to help us with the picture taking, but sometimes it just kinda missed the point of why we want to have a picture taken in the first place. E.g. see below - can barely see what we are eating.....
 and then we asked someone else to help us with another picture.
I just we have to give very specific directions on how we will like our pictures to be taken, because I think everyone likes their pictures in their own way....

After this.. we decided to walk around Jonker walk since we had some time to spare before our dinner Satay Lok Lok. Lol.

3) Capitol Satay Restoran (SATAY LOKLOK!)
I think everyone who goes to Malacca will definitely try the famous Satay Lok Lok. I went to Malacca once and had the Satay Lok Lok before and I thought it was just ok, but it is the first time Terri is there, so we decided to go there again. (lol, this trip is like all about eating.)
Just look at the queue... (0.0)
 We reached there about 6, and we waited for 2 whole hours before we finally manage to get a seat. and we had to share the seats before there is not enough space.. (terri is all the way at the end of the queue when I took this picture.)

The ingredients can be taken from this open refrigerator thing that is commonly seen in steamboat buffets. The food are all in sticks. And each stick cost RM 1! so you can just pick what you want, and cook it in the hot pot of satay sauce in the middle of the table! The staff will come around with special ingredients (e.g. Scallops, king prawns etc.. which is the same cost!)

As usual, Terri and I overestimated our eating ability, and we took too much food again. LOLLL.. so at the last part we were struggling to finish eating MOST of the food that are on our trays. I love the chicken, and prawns (deshelled) the most. hahaha. But our final verdict was that it is too spicy for our liking. (both of us dont really like spicy food, thats the main reason why we are struggling hahaha. but then again its not THAT spicy because we still managed to eat it.)

We probably wont go back there again if we ever go Malacca again though, because the queue is too long for something that we dont really like............ oops. (+ its quite hot - weather wise! so we were perspiring while we are eating, and we swallowed like 2-3 cans of 100 plus each. LOL. oh wait, maybe we are full because of all the water that we drank!)

4) Nadeje Layer Crepe Cakes!
(at Plaza Mahkota)
I first found out about this delicious cakes was when I went there with Shane and some friends (Rina, Jeff, Ruyu & BF), it was soooooooooo good so I was quite happy to go there again! We had this on the second Day right before we board our bus home.
This time we had an indoor seat, because theres just 2 of us. I guess it will be harder to find seats for a bigger group.

Just look at the cakes!! you can see the layers right? The cake just melts in your mouth when you eat it. We chose the Original, Mango Yogurt, Double Chocolate to share. We wanted some other flavors like Banana choc, and berry strawberry, but its OOS, not selling or sth... SAD.. :(
As usual, we thought of packing back home some, but the journal home is too long to keep the cake cold and fresh, so we gave it a miss...


The above is what we ate in Malacca! Besides eating I guess we can say we did abit of sight-seeing too! hahah.

These are taken in the afternoon when we were looking for the chicken rice stall...

Took a couple of "got feel" photos. haha. we always wonder how some people can look so natural walking and looking elsewhere when they are taking picture and still look so good. we always just look.. awkward.

But i like these few below..

got feel?? I think so! :DDDD hahahahahaha.

Theres a hardrock cafe at Malacca too!

The Red Square (a.k.a the Dutch Square)
I love the vibrant red colors. haha. and the atmostphere there is just laid back.. chilled. there are people basking by at the red square.. very fun and lively place. will definitely pass by here if you go to Jonker Street.

and then we see all these trishaws... looks like Terri's dream come true. hahahha. so many hello kitty trishaws!!! And I love it especially when they play those super loud hiphop clubbing music, you know what I mean!! hahahaha.

Look at Terri, cant stop smiling. LOL..

We were contemplating whether to rent one of these cute trishaws for the sightseeing tour since we had some time to spare. hahah. but we heard that the sightseeing areas are actually very close by (its true), and its walkable. But then again, we both get tired easily, and we dont really know our way, didnt subscribe for 3G when we came (since its only 2d1n). our cab driver was really nice and gave us a map of malacca though... hahahha. so while we were deciding.. we got ourselves icecream!!! and the icecream uncle actually took a nice picture for us!! (object: his ice cream shop, us with our icecream) the alignment is just nice!! we are both very pleased. LOLLL...

anw, as you can tell from the picture below, we decided to go for the trishaw. hahaha. we picked the our favorite hello kitty trishaw, with alot of hello kitties dangling around.. hahaha.

Anyway, there are 2 types of trip for this trishaw.
The short route: just a few places of interest, last about 15 to 20 min. (RM 25)
The longer route: More places of interest, last about 35-40 min (RM 40)
we went with the longer route. hahha.

And it was FUNNNN! :DDDD


We are ferried around like princesses on our hello kitty carriage. lol. we can even request for songs! We requested Gangnam style, but we were bombarded by another trishaw passing by with their ultra loud barbie girl music. hahahha. we are also allowed to alight at the places of interest and snap some pictures before moving on to the next place.

Got feel?

Picture Above: By the Melaka River

I think I am better off as a photographer than the model.. why do I always look so awkward like pictures like this. LOL.

Next stop..
Maritime Museum & Naval Museum
This place was shown in the video I just posted above! :D

We didnt go all the way up though, because the trishaw uncle told us that the rest stop is only 5 or 10 minutes.. so we just stood at the bottom of the ship structure and took a picture. as usual Terri looks better than me in these pictures so I only posted hers..... (T.T) I think next time want to take nice pictures should wear brighter and more colorful clothings.. lol.

and then we passed by the Menara Taming Sari..

I actually managed to take a picture of the whole tower while the trishaw is moving.. (time to sign up for some professional photography class. lol.)

Next up.. I am not sure what is the name of this place..
There is a plane and a train exhibit here.
and I think the background looks good for phototaking. :D

and the final place of interest that the trishaw uncle took us to is..
A'Famosa Fort

Passing by another Hello Kitty Trishaw and Terri couldnt resist. hahaha..

got photobombed... cant help it I guess, that place is really crowded, and my camera was running out of battery quickly, so we were snapping quick shots! haha. (I put the extra battery in another bag at home thinking that was the bag I was bringing to Malacca.... so we were surviving on just one camera battery!)

also A Famosa seem to be a hot spot for graduation photo taking! There are alot of people in graduation gowns taking pictures there. you can see one behind us already.

got photobombed again.

Notice we kept having that peace sign. LOL.
Trying to relive our childhood... (+ Terri took another picture cooly, and smiling without teeth, she really looks like a ghost. so I guess it is the same for me. HAHHAAHA.)

We saw alot of people climbing up flights of stairs to another building on top of the hill behind A Famosa Fort, so we followed behind. hahahhaa, we are curious lah.. just in case there is something up there, we wouldnt miss it rightttttt??

and we were right!!
St Peter's Church is just right on top of the hill!

I love the entire architecture of the church.. It is a historical building anyways.. actually, the whole of Malacca is full of rich historical buildings and backgrounds etc.. I feel very laid back and carefree when I was there... (eventhough the weather was abit merciless...)

We were taken back to the Dutch Square where we started the journey from.
and we only need to pay the Trishaw uncle at the end of our trip! :) so we dont have to be worried that he will run away with another passenger while we are doing our sightseeing.. :)

After this we took a short walk to the Satay Lok Lok place as mentioned above..
We walked along the Malacca river, and there are many bars and restaurants by the side of the river.. so chilled.. kinda remind me of the cartoon "Lady and the Tramp" somehow I dont know why, lol I know this is very random lol..... oops..)

After our Satay Lok Lok (2 hours to queueing............................. and maybe about half an hour of eating..) we walked back to the Dutch square again, because theres the start of the Jonker Walk! :)
Jonker Walk night market is like a huge pasar malam.
We were here in the afternoon for the chicken rice balls but the roadside stalls are all not yet opened, they only opened at night, so we came back again.. Love the vibrancy of the place, so 热闹 !!

all the trishaws have also those super neon LED lights on by then. hahaha.

sooooo.. this is something you cant miss in Malacca! Almost everyone is selling this egg icecream! its not really egg, its just flavoured ice in the shape of an egg, sitting in an egg holder with legs. LOL.
鸡蛋 冰!

I had the plum and terri had the lychee flavored one I think..

we are like extremely full already by this time, but when we walked past this fried ice-cream stall we just have to get it! The coffeeshop near my house used to sell this fried ice-cream for like SGD 3 bucks, and I always buy it cause its so tasty!!! it closed down anyway.. so somehow I think its very hard to find it in Singapore now already... 

The Fried Ice-cream here cost only RM 3!! :D
Its like hot crispy skin on the outside and cold ice-cream inside. Please try it if you havent!

We walked past a few Chendol stalls but we didnt have it, we were too full and had too much desserts hahhaha. so we settled down at this bar area with live bands.. It was sooo crowded we couldnt get a seat so the nice waitress set up a make shift table for us! (Initially the table was placed like away from the bar beside a drain like THIS.. looks very lang bei. LOL.)

But after that the waitress and us laughed about it... then she very happily and nicely shifted us to an open area right beside the bar. hahahhaa. and tadaaaaaaa.. there we are chilling with our beers. :D
There were live music from the bar opposite and the bar we are at. they took turns to sing. :D love the atmosphere... very chilled.......

We stayed till about 12am then took a cab back to our hotel..
We showered and watched abit of Running Man LOL.... but we were toooo tired so we slept.

The next morning we woke up for our massage near our hotel "Sense and Senses" - same one as the one I went the last time. They were really good. we both chose the foot massage.

They have outlets at quite a number of places..and they seem to be always quite packed. Its difficult to get a slot last minute especially if you are in a big group.. The prices are pretty affordable too!

Thats the end of my very short trip to Malacca with my travel buddy Terri.
hahahahha. cant wait for our next travel!!!! now we're just waiting for good air ticket deals.....
*fingers crossed* SQ maybe?!?! :D
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