Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Finally a Graduate!!!

I have finally graduated and got myself a degree!!!!

It has been such a long journey, and I think I took a really long way to get where I am today, or rather get myself a degree. After graduating from CJC, I went off to work for 2 years, and back to school again at PSB academy, doing a UWA bachelor of science in Psychology. It was a four year program and I dropped out after 1 year plus I think (but not before making a bunch of wonderful friends........ hehehe. Jeffy, CC, Lesi, BXT, Casper, KC, CY and a few others!!) I was too caught up with work which was really a bad idea, and neglected my school. It was not after I made up my mind, plus encouragement from biddy, did I signed up for the Kaplan Diploma which is only a 8 month program... baby steps.. it was only through the Diploma program that I realised that I can actually do well if I want to, that I signed up for the Murdoch double major degree right after the completing the final exams for the diploma... and after 16 long torturous months (I took 3 modules per trimester - hence a total of 4 trimesters), I finally graduated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My convocation was held at Raffles Convention Center on a Monday, 13th October.
I was a little bit sad because all my friends are attending the one on Sunday, the day before.. We couldnt choose as it was arranged according to our last name. anyways, I took a half day off and went for a buffet lunch with biddy before collecting my regalia which I have rented from Murdoch.

Biddy bought the Murdoch graduation bear for me at the collection counter, there were only 8 bears left! (I think most were bought by the students from the Sunday session?). I am so happy with the bear anyways, it is wearing the commerce degree hood as well! :)

 Biddy was my savior that day. :) helping me with my barang barang and taking care of my family.. Thank you.. :)

Happy Graduation to me! :)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

안녕하십니까!! I've Completed Korean Elementary 1!!!

 Last Saturday was my last Korean elementary 1 lesson! We got our results back and a pretty nice certificate I think. :) I will be continuing with the Korean course... I kinda like having to go to lessons every saturday morning.. makes me feel like my life is more meaningful. LOL..

Some pictures to commemorate this course. I like my teacher alot.. Very funny, interesting, and cute lady.. hahaha. she's so encouraging she even commented that my oral presentation was quite good... haha... lets see what did I say last week... (we were supposed to bring a map of the area where we live and a picture of our family - drawings are allowed. I drew stick figures and a rough image of my house. haha.)

우리집이 이순에 있시니다.
집근처에 공원하고 병원하고 초등학교가 있시니다.
초등학교는 우리집앞에 있시니다.
그공원은 넓고 조용합니다.
우리집은 8층에 있시니다.

우리가족은 다삿사람 입니다.
저는 언니하나, 남동생이 한명 있시니다.
부무님께서 회사원 계십니다.
언니도 회사원 입니다.
남동생은 대학생 입니다.
우리가족은 개가 한마리 있시니다.
개이름이 베베 입니디.
저는 베베를 사랑합니다.

ok this picture is so cheesy I know. lol.

Anyway a few weeks before, we were told that there will be a cultural event on the last saturday of the term. They will most of the time be cooking some korean dish. This time it was Andong Chicken Stew (안동찜닭), and Toppoki (떡볶이). So being the Kiasu me, went to signed up quickly because they only have 100 slots. haha. anyway, majority of my classmates will be there too (though we never really talk to each other much before..), and this will sort of be like a bonding session. haha.

Preparing the Andong Chicken Stew
Okay actually its all prepared for us already, the portions and everything so all we need to do is pour in and fry. lol.

Act Yi Ge.

and.. TADA~~ This is our Andong Chicken Stew and IT WAS DAMN DELICIOUS I SWEAR.
Okay I didnt do much of the cooking, more of the staring.. but the food is really good! We were all given the recipes to take home. Let me go home and dig it out and put it here soon before I forget...

The Chef walked around tasting everyone's dish because at the end there will be a prize given to the table with the best dish......

Next, we tried making Toppoki!
According to my teacher, the toppoki with the blue packet is the nicest toppoki. so if we were to buy it ourselves, we should go for this blue packet ones.. (more chewy.. not too soft.)

The Toppoki is yummy too!! Not a fan of spicy food, but this one wasnt too spicy because we put in quite alot of corn starch and sugar. haha. (alot of red pepper paste also......)

I gave the whole lot of Toppoki to my family, and they all say its delicious. hahhaha.
I love my Andong Chicken Stew more.

After all the cooking, there was a lucky draw session!!!!! I am not a very lucky person in terms of lucky draw.. I dont think I ever get picked for anything before, no 4D, Toto etc etc. You get what I mean lah. So i was like skeptical this time as well... I didnt even bother taking out my ticket (which is number 12 btw.. go buy 4D or Toto. lol)... and the first number they called........... was NUMBER 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so excited I went "omg its ME!!!" with my hand waving around.

First Lucky Draw win (its a bag of korean titbits inside btw), and hope more to come.
Actually to be honest, I had a feeling that my number will be called, but I was just thinking "why will my number get called? is something bad going to happen? ok.. if I really get called, maybe something bad is going to happen. like maybe I am going to die or something."

Of course, when i told this to my sister and mum, I got a lashing. LOL.......
Lets just hope this means the beginning of something good in my lifeeee (not the other way round..)


Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Furniture Furniture Furniture

Recently, Biddy has been doing alot of furniture shopping for his current house.. He bought a new low computer table (you have to sit on the floor instead of the chair), some new soft carpet, new sofa, new lightbulbs/lighting in his living rooom......... (+ alot of other accessories like a new Mac, some laser printer etc etc.........) Just suddenly alot of new stuff. Thats also one of the reasons why we have been going to IKEA quite alot these few months. LOL. one of the previous few times I actually managed to convince Biddy to buy me a Dragon soft toy from IKEA................. LOLLLL....

LOLLLL.. its not that ugly lah!!!!!! 
(ok fine. its abit ugly, but its still cute in its own way. + its belly makes a good pillow haha..)

Anw, so the newest stuff we are intending to get now is a new bed frame for his room. He wants to upgrade his bed from super single to King Size. We havent had time to go check out the mattress though... (eventhough its for his room, not mine, I like to KPO and push my ideas through because I stay over at his place pretty often LOL....) and also, because his bedroom window is kinda low, we have to find a suitable bedframe that actually fits nicely in his already very packed room.............. the last time we checked IKEA out, we couldnt find anything that suitable as yet.....

I realised that actually searching for furniture can be very tiring.. so most of the time we concentrate on just IKEA, which sometimes doesnt have the stuff we want, no doubt they are all very pretty... and Biddy tried to buy some furniture off some shady websites before and the quality was... rather bad. anyways, I found out that actually there are so many other types of brands and shops in Singapore (other than IKEA) which sells nice AND affordable furniture. I think affordable is important for Biddy since he likes to change his furniture so often. LOLLL....

so for the mattress... initially Biddy was just fixed on the SeaHorse brand... but whenever I watch tv, the commercials always show the people having such comfortable mattressessssssss.... and also, there's this website called that has a rather informative list of brands and places where we can go to get mattresses...... so I decided to make Biddy consider other brands as well.. (like you never know right... maybe there are nicer mattresses out there..... lol..)

and speaking of this, its a rather good website if you are looking to furnish your house...its like a consolidated website on where you can purchase furniture in Singapore.. Really not kidding!!!
E.G. ----------> Mattresses:
its like the many different types of mattresses and places you can get them are put together so you know, you dont have to waste your time browsing around aimlessly..... its all there!! LOL.. so I strongly recommend furniture shoppers to go there to check out the furniture that is needed from the website... maybe you can get more ideas and inspirations and you dont have to make wasted trips around places.....

I actually cant wait to have my own place so I can decorate it until damn nice....... hehehehe. but no, im not getting married yet................... need to save up more!!! but why is saving soooo hard (T.T)!! I just keep on spending money on... classes and courses.. (ok I know I am weird.. lol... i believe in upgrading yourself constantly okkkkk.. hahahaha.) and of course holidaysssssss... I AM GOING HANOI IN LIKE 2 WEEKS TIME... CANNOTTT WAITTTTTTTT~~~ 
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