Thursday, 11 December 2014

I can't get my Chip & Dale!

I was browsing on the net and came across this shop called i.t. Labels.. and they have this super cute collection by :CHOCOOLATE | Disney Tsum Tsum.. I was looking for pullovers and I saw this.

Super cute Chip & Dale pullover in the colors I love so much omg.. Its like I must get it. I saw it yesterday online, and their launch is today in their retail stores. They have an outlet, near my office, at Bugis Junction so I was quite excited to grab it when it launch!! I already set my eyes on this pullover but Im not too sure about the price and all so why not just go down to take a look.

I went down during my lunchbreak at 12pm. reached Bugis Junction around 12.15pm? Got to the shop immediately... and found out that there is ONLY Size M left for the chip & dale design lahhh!!! I tried the Size M on, and I seriously considered just buying the size M because I love the design so much, but it is really way toooooo big, totally cant see my fingers.. very disappointed.

I tried to ask if there will be more stocks coming in, but the staff told me that they are unsure themselves, and most probably there will be no more stocks for the clothing as this kind of unique collections only come in once... something along those lines. Was told to try the orchard gateway outlet. Before I went down to the outlet, I rang them up just to check so I wont be doing a wasted trip........ NO STOCK ALSO (T.T)

So.. I went for the next best after considering awhile... (because I think longer it might get snatched up too.) I went for the timeless Mickey in Grey design in XS... They have Pink (with the furry Monster inc character), white (with the green one eye monster from Monster inc), red (goofy), light blue (minnie), 

All pictures are from :CHOCOOLATE | Disney TSUM TSUM

Each Disney Pullover cost SGD 109, so I was actually abit reluctant to get any other designs other than chip & dale. I mean its not exactly that cheap to me for a pullover..... BUT, I got it (Mickey in Grey, XS) anyway. hahaha. its cute right??? right???
ANDDD if they are gonna have more stocks coming in, I am just gonna...... kill myself. 

Thursday, 4 December 2014

We went Hanoi, Vietnam! DAY TWO - Trang An & Hoa Lu

We started our second day with the hotel buffet breakfast! The day before, we actually signed up for a tour package to Trang An and Hoa Lu. hehehe. We chose this 2 locations instead of the popular Halong Bay because they was on the Running Man episode when they came to Vietnam. Sooo.. its like a mini Running Man trial trip?? hehe. The tour per pax cost USD 88.

The hotel buffet spread was not too bad. there are salads, dimsums, ham and cheese and free flow of juices. We are also allowed to order off their menu with selected hot dishes, e.g. eggs,  PHO, french toasts etc.... 

 Of course we ordered the PHO. We can choose to either have it with chicken or beef. I am afraid that the beef might have a smell too strong, so I chose the safest chicken meat. I got to say, the Essence Hotel serves one of the best Pho in Hanoi, not kidding. We actually tried Pho elsewhere but it is not as nice as the one we had in our hotel. The broth of the Pho is so tasty and refreshing, I think I ate this almost everyday. hahahha.

the hotel had prepared a english speaking personal tour guide for us, and a chauffeur as well....... WE FEEL LIKE A VIP.. haha. the journey to Trang An is around 2 hours. (HaLong Bay is around 4 hours travel!) We stopped by a rest stop to look at some hand made Vietnamese arts and craft. I bought a fridge Magnet from there.

THE WEATHER WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT. it was like 34 degrees, with scorching sun. That is why we were blocked by a herd of horses in one of the tunnels, because the weather is even too hot for these little animals!!

We finally reached Trang An.

Well, the activity for the day is to ride these traditional boats! Each boat is navigated by one lady who will paddle us manually. I actually felt abit bad for her because it seem like its hard work! But then again, the way she rowed the boat made it look like its a breeze...

The waters and skies are really clear.

We had to wear life vests according to the authorities there. But we were allowed to take them off after awhile. WE WERE BURNING IN THERE.

Our Tour Guide for the day! He brought along 2 umbrellas which made him our savior for the day. The sun is very scorching hot, but under the shade, it was actually cooling. I guess its not that humid thats why!

See the little hut in the picture above?
I think thats the little hut where HaHa tore off KwangSoo's name tag when he found the magic sword! lol.. poor Kwangsoo got to stay in jail the whole time after.
We didnt go up, I dont think we are allowed to? or maybe its not in the itinerary...

Next.... our boat headed towards the caves!! I have been looking forward to this part of the boat journey! I was rather fascinated by this when I saw it on TV.

I actually took a video of our boat journey in the caves, but I cant seem to upload them at the moment.. All in all, the journey in the caves are pretty exciting. I guess I can say it met my expectations? Throughout the whole boat trip (which was 2 hours btw...), we went under quite a number of caves. After the first 2 caves, the feeling was sort of neutralised, as in, we arent as excited as the first time we entered one. hahha.

It was very dark and cooling inside the caves in general. Pretty amazing how they actually manage to fix lights inside these caves!!
It was very humid as well. At some points it was quite difficult to breathe in my opinion. Also the ceiling of the caves are really low...... so Biddy, who is rather tall, have to bend down and dodge the stalactites on the roof of the caves. actually sometimes I have to bend and dodge too!! so you can imagine how low the ceiling actually is. Some of the caves are really narrow, or long... so after awhile, it can be quite claustrophobic... Again, I am amazed by how accurately these boat ladies row the boats, they didnt even knock into ANY walls. if it were me, the boat would have probably sinked!! (which is bad, because I saw water snakes in the water in those caves.)

The boat stopped at a small quiet temple in the middle of the waters and we were allowed to alight and take a look. Just look at the two pictures below. I took one for Biddy and he took one for me... Really made me soooo pissed off that I cant have a nicely taken picture where everything that should be in the picture are captured (and not crooked!). anyway, he promised to learn how to take better pictures for me.... so I shall forgive him (for now). LOL.

On the way back, our boat was almost the same pace as another visiting boat. There were a bunch of korean ahjummas on the other boat, and they were taking turns to paddle their boat. LOL. hilarious. At that time, our boat also accidentally went into an area full of weeds, making it difficult to row, hence, with the encouragement of the ahjummas, we picked up the paddles and help our boat lady row the boat tooo. IT WAS NO JOKE. MY ARMS WERE LIKE ACHING AFTER 5 MINUTES.. Salute these boat ladies...

We finally reached the shore after 2 hours of boat ride. our butts were aching. We were also advised to tip the boat ladies for their hard work, and I really believe that tip is so well deserved... it was really hard work!

The weather was so hot so we were so happy when we saw this stall selling cold drinks and ice cream.

After this, it was time for lunch! We were taken to this restaurant as part of our itinerary of the day. Food (and menu) is also included in our package already.

all the local Vietnamese delicacies!!!
According to Biddy, the lamb meat on the left is not too bad! But I dont eat lamb. Basically Im a really picky eater, so I only had the noodles at the bottom of the picture above, and fried chicken (top right hand corner) and they were both goood!!!!!!! :)

Our final stop is the Hoa Lu temples of the Dinh & Le Dynasties!
This place is quite close by Trang An. Running man was here playing the tearing name tag game with the magic sword!!! (plus many women in yellow walking ard....)

The Jail where my Kwang Soo sat at the whole time. hahahahaha.

I think we took a thousand and one pictures here. and after we went back I realised there was no "normal" shots of me at this place. I kept trying to get the perfect jump shot. (-.-) hahahha.

We headed back to our hotel after this.


Before we return to our hotel, we dropped by a minimart (its really just a small little shop), to grab some cup noodles just in case. and we saw this super tiny kitten there. lol.

We went back to our hotel room to rest and wash up a little.
Dinner was at a nearby shop. This place looks so localised and authentic so we decided to try.

The meal was really so so. I even spotted a few feathers sticking out of Biddy's drumstick. and the Pho we had was not as good as the one in the Essence Hanoi Hotel... But its was okay.

Explored the area after dinner. Bought a couple of tops at the market nearby.

Finally before we went back to our room to rest for the day (it was a really longgggg day..), we decided to have a beer at the Bia Hoi Corner just infront of our hotel. There were many people sitting on those short stools having a beer so we decided to do that too!! The beer was sooooooooooooo Cheap! Only approx SGD 3.40 for 2 bottles of Heinekin = SGD 1.70 per bottle?!!!!!
I think its because they recycle the bottles? I had to wipe the opening of the bottle a couple of times to get the dirt off.......

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

We went Hanoi, Vietnam! (5d4n) DAY ONE

2 months ago, Biddy and I decided to travel to a country that we havent explored before. I didnt have much leaves left, so we have to make our trip really short, but in the end we extended it to a 5 day 4 night trip to Hanoi, Vietnam. Well, the reason why we chose to go to Hanoi is because we thought that the weather at Hanoi will be cooler towards the end of the year.. (WE WERE SOOOO WRONG... maybe it wasnt the time of the year yet!)

Anyhows, we booked our flights with Vietnam Airlines - we paid SGD 348.30 per pax. I believe it was because it was cheaper than most of the other airlines around at that time. And for Hotel, we booked Essence Hanoi Hotel (Which is a realllyy good deal, great location etc..) for a total of SGD 262.64 for 4 nights! (SGD 131.32 per pax) I booked the hotel through agoda!

 There was no inflight entertainment on the plane, so thank goodness I am all prepared with my fully loaded ipad. Yes, I am rewatching the Gossip Girl series while having my delicious inflight meal. I love plane food! :)
 The flight time is around 3.5 hours.
Before the day of the flight, I have already pre-arranged a hotel pick up from the airport.
and we were greeted with this kind soul at the Hanoi Airport.

Biddy bought a data SIM from the airport. There is a counter selling SIM cards.

Our hotel is Hanoi Essence Hotel and it is a really great hotel close to many attractions, especially the night life! We were first greeted by the staff at the hotel and taken to the lobby, well it is actually quite a small area, apparantly the place we are staying is an extension of their hotel just next door. Drinks and wet towels are served.. :) (i totally forgot whats this drink.. oops).

After we got our rooms we went downstairs to roam around and see if we can get anything to eat!
If I am not wrong, the hotel is just right beside Ta Hien Street, a really happening street! (RUNNING MAN BEEN HERE BEFOREEEEEEEEEEE)....

Couldnt decide what to eat so we settled for a small cafe where we see the most people. actually the shops along the Ta Hien Street all seemed quite packed, but the outdoor seating for this one seemed more occupied and cute.. LOL.. ok fine, i admit, i cant remember why we chose this, probably cause the menu looks more appetizing to us?

I have a day picture of the cafe too. But thats for another day. Yup we ate there more than once. haha.

I had sweet and sour pork with rice & pineapple juice, and Biddy had pork rib with rice & orange juice. We shared the bowl of soup.

the area is very crowded and happening in the evening. there are many people gathered around sitting on small stools and having a couple of beers. we were pretty tired on the first day so we headed back to the hotel to rest first.

This is our room for 4 nights! pretty comfy bed. and the amenities are all quite new. BUT i kept on knocking onto both corners of the wooden bed frame multiple times when walking around. LOL ended up with blue blacks on that specific spot on both my legs.

We wanted a bathtub room actually but the rooms with bathtubs are already occupied.
but we were fine with this room too! the shower is like really good and strong.. and we used their shampoo, it was sooooo good. I dont usually use hotel shampoos, but we forgot to bring shampoo for this trip. The shampoo made both biddy's and my hair soooo smooth. NO KIDDING!

Anw, we slept till about 2am, and we were hungry when we woke up. Before heading up to the room after dinner we didnt buy any extra food or cup noodles, because we thought there might be room service. But there was no 24 hour room service! so we wanted to head out to see if there are any food stalls still open. When we reached the first floor, it was pitch dark, all the lights switched off. The staff were still around, and they got up from their seats and politely asked us what do we need. Apparantly, it was too dangerous to head out on the Hanoi Streets at night and the staff told us to remain in the hotel till morning........ 

Didnt know it was so dangerous there, maybe its just a precaution. I think we Singaporeans are taking safety for granted huh... hahhahaha. anyway, we headed back to our room and chew on some of the in-room snacks instead.

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